Overview of Water Quality Testing

Water is one of the most-used natural substances in industry as well as commerce, and its properties often have to be carefully monitored in order for it to do the job it is selected for. Any impurities, deficiencies or other anomalies must be tested for so that a detrimental effect does not occur.

Acidity (pH)

The acidity of a solution is known as the pH. A low level will mean the solution is acidic. A high level will mean it is alkaline. Obviously, either extreme can be dangerous.

Dissolved Oxygen

The amount of dissolved oxygen in a solution is important if the water in question is being used to sustain organisms. However, again, balance is important, as excessively high levels will have detrimental effects.


Turbidity is a measure of the amount of suspended solids in a liquid. These often manifest in the form of a 'cloudiness', which can sometimes be detrimental depending on what the water is being used for.