Instruments for Measuring Water Quality

The range of instruments available is massive, so here we describe just a small selection of some of the most popular.

pH Meters

These are very popular and simple, and are often used to test the acidity of a solution, as the name suggests.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Usually made available as part of a multi-use device, these are used to test for levels of dissolved oxygen.

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Meter

This device can measure how much oxygen is required by organisms present, thereby determining if any deficiency is present.
Temperature Measuring Devices

Measuring temperature can be a very technical affair depending on your needs. As a result, a variety of different temperature-measuring devices are available.

Conductivity Meter

The level of a body of water's ability to conduct electricity can be highly indicative of its associated properties. Therefore using a meter such as this is highly recommended for certain purposes.

Flow Meter

Used for determining the rate of flow of a body of water, these are useful for gathering information on the movement of said body.