Impacts of afforestation on water quality trends in two catchments in mid-Wales

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Journal: Environ Pollut 1992/01/01
Published: 1992
Authors: Waters, D.;Jenkins, A.
Address: Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, Oxon, UK.

The impact of afforestation on stream-water chemistry for two catchments in central Wales is investigated. Trends in water chemistry are evaluated with forest age progressing at 8-15 years and 20-27 years. To assess the possible exacerbating effect of afforestation on surface-water acidification two moorland catchments are used as controls. Absolute differences in inter-catchment streamwater chemistry are evident. Differences in acidity between the moorland and the young forest site reflect site preparation and modifications to water pathways. Differences in the observed present day chemistry between the young and old forest result from past interactions between deposition changes during forest development. An estimate of the future impact of forest growth was attained from model predictions. The model was calibrated to present day stream-water chemistry and incorporates, cation uptake, evapotranspiration/ concentration effect and increased scavenging of occult and dry deposition. Predictions suggest the pH will decline to 5.3 when the young forest progresses to 20 years of age, which is still much higher than the pH recorded at the older forest site at the age of 20 years.

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