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Description: Manufactures glass KF fittings and greaseless stopcocks as well as complete manifolds for laboratory purposes and neon manufacturing.

Summary: OmniTek - kinematic viscometry in mineral oils and moisture determination in plastics - OmniTek specializes in automated measuring equipment with a focus on kinematic oil viscosity and moisture analysis in plastics. We supply our solutions throughout the world through our network of highly specialized distributors.

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Information: Welcome to OmniTek !We specialize in innovative automated measuring solutions with a focus on kinematic viscosity testing on oils and lubricants, and moisture determination in plastics. Point your mouse over one of the instruments to see a brief description. Click on an instrument to get detailed information. We are always interested to learn what you have to say about our company, our products, our website or any other subject you would like to share your opinion on. Please send us your comments if you have any remarks or suggestions.

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