The CAL2k Calorimeter System

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Description: Specializes in advanced measurements based on the movement of sound waves through fluids.

Summary: CAL2k Range of Dry Static Jacket Isothermal Bomb Calorimeter Systems - Bomb calorimetry - a procedure which determines the heat of combustion or calorific value of solid and liquid materials which are burned as fuels. It is a primary test of great importance to the following industries: coal production, coal analysis, fuel analsyis power stations,?animal feed research, educational institutes, waste product incineration, safety applications, heat ignitable explosives, propellants, scientific research, commercial analytical laboratories, by-product analysis, building materials etc....

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Information: Digital Data Systems (dds) CP500 dry static jacket isothermal calorimeter set the standard for reliability and accuracy in determining calorific values. After 22 years in the field and with the rapid development of technology the CAL2k range of dry static jacket isothermal calorimeter systems was developed. Like the CP500, the CAL2k bomb calorimeters are the sunflower in the laboratory with their bright buttercup yellow colour.