Newport-Scientific, Inc

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Description: High-pressure lab apparatus.

Summary: Newport Scientific- Home - Newport Scientific, formerly Aminco, manufactures two product lines: Superpressure and Hygrodynamics. Located in central Maryland, Newport Scientific works with clients such as NASA, Dow, and DuPont.

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Information: Newport Scientific, Inc.'s, SUPERPRESSURE Division and product line was founded in 1923 by the American Instrument Company (AMINCO) and includes such items as Diaphragm Gas Compressors, Smoke Density Chambers, and Supercritical Fluid Extraction Systems, to name a few. This division's name has become synonymous with high-pressure equipment expertise, matchless quality, and unsurpassed reliability. SUPERPRESSURE products can be found in virtually any research lab, university, manufacturing plant, nuclear facility, as well as defense and aerospace companies.