Elemental Microanalysis Ltd

You are viewing information about Elemental Microanalysis Ltd, a provider of Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Products related to aspects of organic elemental analysis, including consumables, instruments, servicing, and contract analysis.

Summary: Welcome to Elemental Microanalysis - UK based manufacturers and suppliers of elemental analysis consumables. Also offers testing services, refurbished instruments and return to base overhauls.

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Information: We are a, UK based, leading independent manufacturer of consumables, supplies and other products and services to users of elemental analysers both organic - (CHN, CHN/O/S, CHN, N, NC, NCS, N/protein and CS) and inorganic - (C/S, N/O, H and N/O/H) worldwide.

URL: http://www.microanalysis.co.uk/